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Home health aide is a term used by some states and some programs to describe the person who provides caregiving in the home. In New Jersey, for instance, the state passed mandatory training for professional caregivers and used the term “home health aide” for these caregivers and titled the training “Home Health Aide” training.

Some government sponsored programs, such as Medicaid home care, will also use the term home health aide.

Companion caregivers provide in-home care and the term caregiver has become the universal title. Don’t become confused by the specific labels that are used as what matters most is what the job duties or care duties entail.

Caregiving that consists of assisting with the Daily Activities of Living which is not “skilled” care, provided by a nursing aide, is called companion caregiving. As senior care has moved to the home, the need for professional caregivers has continued to grow.

Certified Nursing Aides, or C.N.A.’s, provide hands-on care and must be trained in understanding vital signs and how to communicate updates of conditions to nurses and doctors.

Find the caregiver training in your state and learn more about becoming a Certified Nursing Aide, a designation that is nationwide because of a federal law that provided guidelines for this training to be enforced in every state in the U.S.A. Ohio is the only state that decided to call the C.N.A. a “Skilled Nursing Aide” and uses the term S.T.N.A. for C.N.A.’s which means “State Tested Nurse Aide”.

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Find Caregiver Training Near Me for Senior Caregivers

How do you find caregiver training nearby? This is a very common question we are asked along with:  What are the caregiver training requirements for my state?

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Senior caregiver skills are necessary in order to deliver safe, quality care to seniors in their homes (and anywhere). But senior home care as a professionally managed service is a newer industry, if you will, that has only been around for less than 20 years. Why? Because as transportation and communication has become more advanced, more than 60% of American adults live more than 1 hour away from their parents. Back in the horse and buggy days we all lived near our parents and grandparents. Also, women have joined the workforce so usually are not available to stay home to assist with senior care.

The American Home Care Association created one of the first templates for caregiver training requirements to be presented for legislation to be passed into law as a national caregiver training requirement. As it became apparent a federal law would not be passed, the licensed senior home care agencies have advocated for state laws to be passed into legislation to help regulate senior home care in order to protect both the caregiver and the seniors. This has happened with more than half of the states in the U.S.A. requiring training and the rest of the states requiring at least some licensing and training guidelines.

Even family caregivers can deliver better care by learning caregiving skills for safe transfers, infection control and communication skills.

Find the caregiver training requirements in your state on Caregiverlist, the industry’s only training resource created by senior care professionals and designed for caregivers without a medical background. The 8-hour training course contains all the caregiver training elements that are included in mandated training which then may expand on more of the age-related illnesses.

These online caregiver training courses will now allow caregivers to meet state guidelines. The state of Washington and New Jersey both require some clinical training hours to be included.

The Professional Association of Caregiver’s membership includes this basic training  (Year-1 Caregiver Training) to match your state’s requirements plus a t-shirt and lapel pin to show validation of your accomplishment for passing the exam to confirm your knowledge retention of each of the skills taught. You may also submit a caregiver job application to be considered for part-time and full-time caregiving positions in your area as there is a constant demand for more senior caregivers to care for America’s aging population.


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