About P.A.C.

Professional Association of Caregivers:

Recognizes the profession of caregiving and supports professional caregivers. The P.A.C provides caregivers with a community to support the profession and needs of senior caregivers. Members are expected to up hold the P.A.C Code of ethics.

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Mission Statement:

The Professional Association of Caregivers supports and enhances caregiving skills by providing professional and family caregivers with a community championing quality care. We deliver updates on care innovations, new legislative initiatives, online and offline caregiver education and emotional tools to allow caregivers to maintain excellence as caregivers.

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P.A.C. Professional Association of Caregivers


Empowering the Caregiver Journey.

Professional Association of Caregivers Code of Ethics

  1. I will always treat my clients with kindness and respect.
  2. I will always arrive at the client’s home on time, preferably 5 minutes before the start of my scheduled hours. If I might be late, I will immediately call.
  3. I will follow the Plan of Care each day for my client.
  4. I will maintain a clean and organized home for my client.
  5. I will never leave my client unattended. If the relief caregiver is late I will immediately call the Care Manager.
  6. I will address my client by their last name unless they invite me to use their first name.
  7. I will honor the client’s right to privacy and confidentiality, including their identity, address, and telephone number.
  8. I will keep my religious beliefs, political choices, or personal issues private and likewise respect my client’s beliefs.
  9. I will call 911 immediately when there is a medical emergency and then call my senior care company office or Care Manager.
  10. I will not engage in financial transactions nor intimate relationships with a client or family member.
  11. I will never use alcohol or illegal drugs as a professional caregiver.
  12. I will only use my personal mobile phone for calls and texts during rest or break periods.