Caregiver Stress Relief Photo of the Week

Senior caregivers assist seniors to maintain their Activities of Daily Living while also coping with the emotional challenges of caring for someone as they deal with loss of loved ones and loss of capabilities.

The Caregiverlist Weekly Stress Relief Photo, by photographer Barbara Calabrese, provides a moment of stress relief.

Caregiver Stress Relief Photo of the Week

Caregiver Stress Relief Photo

Caregiver Stress Relief Photo of the Week for Senior Caregivers


Caregiver stress comes with the territory of caregiving. Caregivers must remember to take care of themselves so that they can deliver quality care. Take a moment to relax with Caregiverlist’s Stress Relief Photo of the week.

caregiver stress relief photo

Caregiver Stress Relief Photo by Barbara Wehr Calabrese



Caregiver Stress Relief Photo of the Week


Caregiver Stress Relief Photo of the Week

Remember to “Care for the Caregiver” and take time for yourself each day. Enjoy this week’s caregiver stress relief photo of the week. Learn more about caregiving jobs and caregiver training to grow your career.

Caregiver Stress Relief Photo of the Week from Rio Olympics

Senior caregivers assist seniors and families with emotional care, too, and taking a moment to care for the caregiver each day will help make the caregiving journey smoother.


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Caregiving Books and Movies Help Train Caregiving Skills

Senior caregivers provide for both emotional care along with physical caregiving and this can become one of the biggest challenges of caregiving. Understanding the seniors medical conditions and care needs are part of a professional caregiver’s job duties. But emotional caregiving comes with the job duties, too, and can vary widely for each senior.

Seniors will experience the loss of their friends and family members to death the longer they live. Caring for depression and grieving are part of caring for seniors.

Online caregiver training provides senior caregivers will skills for managing the emotional aspects of senior care. We have a few suggested caregiving books and movies, too, which help with navigating emotional caregiving for a senior while also providing another viewpoint on how a senior’s different family members accept (or don’t accept) the aging process. Sometimes it helps to know you are not alone and not the only person experiencing the caregiving stress that comes with the territory.


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