California Caregiver Training Requirements for Senior Caregivers

California senior caregivers are now required to be trained on specific topics that are needed to be a quality caregiver. Each year, California senior caregivers must take training course curriculums that focus on age-related illnesses, safety and privacy and elder abuse identification and reporting along with how to best assist with Activities of Daily Living.

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California Caregiver Training Course Outline for State Certification

California caregiver training for senior caregivers working as professionals became a requirement in the Assembly Bill 1217 Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act. This requires California caregivers who work for senior care companies or who work independently to receive 10 hours of training their first year as a caregiver followed by 5 hours of training each following year (annually). Private-duty caregivers are also called home health aides or home care aides in California.

California Training

California Certification for Senior Care

This California caregiver training legislation outlines the training skills required for initial training and annual caregiver training courses. Caregivers must show that they have received training each year in the state of California now.

Here is what caregivers should know about the state training mandate and how to become certified.

California Caregiver Training Requirements:

  • California Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act was approved and signed by Governor October 13, 2013
  • Enforcement began on January 1, 2015
  • Established Home Care Aide Registry maintained by the state Social Services department
  • Home Care Aides are individuals who assist with “home care services” which means non-medical care services and assistance for those who because of advanced age or physical or mental disability cannot perform these duties on their own.
  • Home Care Aide job services include, but are not limited to: assisting with:
    • bathing
    • dressing
    • feeding
    • exercising
    • personal hygiene and grooming
    • transferring
    • ambulating
    • positioning
    • toileting and incontinence care
    • assisting with medication management that the client self-administers
    • housekeeping
    • meal planning and preparation
    • laundry
    • transportation
    • correspondence for household duties and scheduling
    • making telephone calls
    • shopping for personal care items or groceries
    • companionship
  • Registered home care aides are aides working for care companies or independently
  • Independent home care aide means any individual age 18 or older who is providing care services through a direct agreement with a client.

Courses for the caregiver training package for California residents must include this Class Curriculum:

  • 2 hours of Orientation training regarding caregivers role as a caregiver and the applicable terms of employment such as job duties and care plan activities
  • 3 hours of Safety skills training including basic safety precautions, emergency procedures and infection control
  • 5 hours of Core Competency skills training for client specific needs and may include client’s privacy rights, activities of daily living, understanding how to identify and report elder abuse and neglect, how to provide for proper personal hygiene care and other home services, age-related illness care and how to safely transport a client

Caregiver Training University provides custom caregiver training meeting the state of California training guidelines for professional caregivers. Remember, caregivers are mandated to take 5-hours of training each subsequent year after their initial training of 10 hours in year 1.

The Professional Association of Caregivers membership includes online caregiver training for California caregivers along with a t-shirt and lapel pin. Caregivers can then continue to build on their skills with renewal training each year.

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