California Caregiver Training Requirements for Senior Caregivers

California senior caregivers are now required to be trained on specific topics that are needed to be a quality caregiver. Each year, California senior caregivers must take training course curriculums that focus on age-related illnesses, safety and privacy and elder abuse identification and reporting along with how to best assist with Activities of Daily Living.

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Spanish language caregiver training is also available for California caregiver training.

Caregiver Training Benefits

Caregivers may benefit from professional online senior care training. We always pride ourselves on the fact that our training programs are a cut above the rest. This is because our training was created by senior care professionals that owned and operated agencies of their own. In doing so, we created training programs that are compliant with state regulations, including yours. This includes training for different situations such as Alzheimers, Dementia, and other related issues. Come check out some other benefits that come with choosing our training below.

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  • Training for Multiple Users

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Caregiver Training Online for Senior Caregivers

Senior caregivers are now required to take specific caregiver training courses in more than half of the states nationwide. Let’s just say in states where there are more cows than people, the state health departments now mandate caregiver training programs to cover specific topics.

Online caregiver training courses are acceptable to meet these requirements. Partly because senior care takes place in the senior’s homes and it is difficult for caregivers to all be in one place for in-person training by a manager.

Caregivers may find online training to be convenient, and smart-phone and tablet-friendly through Caregiver Training University. In addition, the courses are written for in-home caregivers, to provide specific tools they can implement as a caregiver in the home.

Training programs for caregivers online by Caregiver Training University allow the caregivers to log-in to their account and log-out as often as they would like and maintain access to the training ongoing. The CTU course offerings were created by experienced senior home care professionals and offer many unique features just for senior caregivers. They also celebrate the caregivers with a t-shirt and lapel pin offer.

Caregiver Training Online

Online Caregiver Training Courses

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