How do you get Certified for Dementia Care?

Certification training for senior caregiving involves following the course curriculum for education on memory loss care created by each state’s department of health or social services. Certification means you can show evidence of learning the required curriculum topics with date of training, outline of topics and exam score showing you retained the information.

Memory loss care certification training involves:

  • Learning initial topics on types of memory loss, causes, and best care practices
  • Passing competency exam
  • Renewal courses annually to keep current with updated care techniques

Alzheimer’s and Related Dementia Training Topics

Illinois new memory loss training course curriculum provides an example of typical memory loss certification training topics.

IL Caregiverlist 6-Hour Alzheimer’s and Dementia New-Hire Training

  • Understanding Dementia: Hoarding, Paranoia, Hallucinations, Sundown Syndrome
  • Effectively Communicating with Individuals with Alzheimer’s
  • Assisting Individuals with Dementia in Performing ADL’s
  • Problem-Solving with Individuals with Dementia who Exhibit Challenging Behavior (such as Aggressive and Catastrophic Behaviors)
  • Fundamentals of Dementia Care
  • Safe Environments
  • Managing the Activities of Individuals with Dementia

IL Caregiverlist 3-Hour Alzheimer’s and Dementia Annual Renewal Training

  • Promoting Resident Dignity, Independence, Individuality, Privacy and Choice
  • Resident Rights and Principles of Self-Determination
  • Care of Elderly Persons with Physical, Cognitive, Behavioral and Social Disabilities
  • Effectively Communicating with Individuals with Dementia
Illinois Senior Caregiver Memory Loss Training

The Illinois Alzheimer’s disease and related dementia training topics are mandated by the state’s new Alzheimer’s training law that all professional senior care companies and caregivers must follow. The Alzheimer’s Association championed the legislation because they were receiving too many calls to their helpline about unqualified caregivers for memory loss care. Caregivers trained in memory loss care techniques can better provide for the necessary care and process the emotional aspect of caring for someone with memory loss.

Train yourself or your staff with the right memory loss training. Illinois began requiring the specific memory loss training in June, 2019.

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