BYSTANDER TRAINING – Chicago’s New Training Requirement

The City of Chicago now requires the Bystander Intervention Model as an additional training for Sexual Harassment Prevention to help make the workplaces safer for everyone.

Did you know that 4 in 5 women and nearly 1 in 4 men experience sexual harassment in the workplace? Being an ACTIVE BYSTANDER plays an important role in promoting a safer, more supportive, and empathetic society. Bystander intervention refers to the act of stepping in and taking action to prevent or address a problematic or harmful situation, especially when someone is at risk or in need of help.

However, we are all HUMANS, and influenced by psychological, social, and situational factors we tend to ignore others that are in need of help when other people are present in the situation.

This is what we call the BYSTANDER EFFECT. Individuals are less likely to offer help or intervene in an emergency situation when other people are present. The presence of others can lead to a diffusion of responsibility, where individuals assume that someone else will take action, leading to a decreased likelihood of any single person stepping forward to assist.

Research Shows: When bystanders see another person in trouble,
If Alone, 75% of Bystanders Help
If in Group of People, only 31% Helped

Any company needing training for Sexual Harassment Prevention, including Bystander Intervention training, meeting state requirements (many states beyond Illinois require this training, including California) and now City of Chicago employee training requirements, may contact us by emailing: or calling us at 312-669-8821. We keep all of our training up-to-date as we support thousands of companies nationwide with their employee training in a modern platform.