Certified Nursing Aide Training Programs for Caregivers

Certified Nursing Aide training was created as a federal law to require a consistent level of training for nursing assistants working in nursing homes, hospitals and care facilities. The federal law mandates a minimum of 75 hours of training in a classroom setting approved by the state’s health department and includes clinical hours of training.

Clinical training means the student will shadow someone who already has their Certified Nursing Aide license. Certified Nursing Aides are also called Certified Nursing Assistants and C.N.A.’s and Ohio refers to their C.N.A.’s as S.T.N.A. which means State Tested Nursing Aide.

Explore the costs and admission requirements for C.N.A. training in your state. While the minimum is 75 hours, many states require 85 to 120 hours of training which can be completed in a part-time or full-time course. Most programs can be completed in 1 to 3 months. Financial aide and grants and tuition reimbursement are also available as more C.N.A.’s are needed.

Senior caregivers can take online caregiver training to be certified for the basic training skills outlined by the industry and then when ready, take a C.N.A. course.

Review C.N.A. courses in your state and request C.N.A. school admission information to begin your research to become a C.N.A. You may also take a sample C.N.A. Practice test to review the information you will be taught. You may also apply for a caregiving job to be considered for part-time and full-time professional caregiver positions as senior care companies are constantly hiring to meet the demand for senior care.

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Memory Care Training for Senior Caregivers

Caregivers for seniors with memory loss understand the many challenges of assisting a senior when their cognitive abilities are changing. Memory loss caregiver training teaches tools to implement to make the caregiver journey smoother for both the caregiver and the senior.

Memory loss senior care training involves understanding the varying ways memory loss impacts someone and learning about the different types of memory loss.

Alzheimer’s disease impacts the largest number of seniors and causes confusion about person, place and time.

Vascular dementia memory loss is the second most common type. Some diseases, such as Parkinson’s disease, also may result in memory loss.

No cures exists right now for memory loss, but some medications may slow the progression.

Music may be one of the very best therapies for caregiving.  And other simple-to-implement tools have been created as researchers continue to study what works, such as serving meals on a solid blue plate rather than a china plate with patterns that may add to confusion. View the meal plates to see the difference this makes.


Senior care companies and individual caregivers may obtain digital caregiver training meeting state guidelines with a very easy-to-use training platform that is smart phone and tablet friendly at Caregiver Training University and apply for jobs at Caregiverlist.

How to Become a Certified Caregiver in California

California caregiver certification now requires specific training each year, as outlined by a new law that went into effect in 2016, called the California Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act.

To Become a Certified Caregiver in California you must:

  • Pass a Background Check
  • Secure Caregiver Training Annually
  • 2-hour Orientation Training, 3-hour Safety Training and 5-hour Core Competency Training in Year 1

California trained caregivers will receive 10-hours of training their first year followed by an additional 5 hours of training annually to review core competencies and expand upon their age-related senior care learning.

Ready to begin your California Caregiving Career? Get California Online Training

Education for caregivers delivers higher quality care and safer care for both the caregiver and the senior.

Learn more about California’s caregiver course requirements and take online caregiver training to become certified with the leading digital platform in the senior care industry at Caregiver Training University. Remember that more caregivers are needed to meet the growing demand for senior care and you may also submit your job application to join the “Caregiverlist” and be considered for senior care jobs in your area.

Senior care companies train their staff with this leading industry training and you may also purchase it on your own.

Learn more at Caregiverlist.



How to become a certified caregiver in California

California passed legislation in Assembly Bill 1217 which you may review the California legislature’s caregiver training mandate which requires:

  • 10 hours of training for Safety, Orientation and Core Competencies in 1st year
  • 5 hours of Core Competency training annually

Caregiver Training University, created by senior home care industry professionals and educators, provides customized training matching the requirements to enable caregivers to easily become certified through an online caregiver training course.

Caregivers may purchase the online senior care training for $59 or become a member of the professional association of caregivers to receive a t-shirt and lapel pin.

Caregivers may:

  • Log-in at any time
  • Maintain access to their training ongoing
  • Pass a 36-question exam to confirm retention of information

California caregiver certification may be transferred to any senior home care agency and renewal training also may be received by just adding a renewal course for your account at Caregiver Training University. As caregiver jobs are plentiful as more and more seniors prefer to age-in-place at home, submit your job application at Caregiverlist.

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Stroke Care Caregiver Training

Strokes are the leading cause of long-term disability in the USA with high blood pressure being one of the risk factors.

Senior caregiver training for stroke care assists caregivers to be prepared for assisting seniors who have suffered from a stroke. As a stroke will happen suddenly and activities for rehabilitation in the first 6-months being key to successful recovery, caregivers can increase their skills by being prepared as a trained caregiver for assisting seniors with stroke recovery. Take an online caregiver training course for stroke care on your own or through a senior caregiver staff training course that will also meet your state’s training requirements for certification for caregiving.

Stroke Caregiver Training

Stroke Caregiver Training courses are available at Caregiver Training University and you may apply for a job with a licensed senior care company at Caregiverlist.com

Senior Caregiver Stress Relief Photo of the Week

Senior caregivers provide emotional caregiving as well as assistance with Activities of Daily Living and must always remember to care for themselves. Enjoy this week’s photo. Gain caregiver training for your state to learn more successful caregiving techniques.

Caregiver Stress Relief

Happy 4th of July Caregivers from your Professional Association of Caregivers

Happy 4th of July Caregivers

Wishing Senior Caregivers a Fun and Safe 4th of July, 2017!

Wishing senior caregivers a very happy and safe 4th of July, celebrating the freedoms of living and working in the USA!

Remember you can learn more about caregiver training and senior care employment at Caregiverlist.com and always remember more senior caregivers are needed and you are welcome to refer your friends as both part-time and full-time jobs are always available nationwide as more Americans choose to age-in-place in their own homes.

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How to find caregiver training for certification in your state

California caregivers just began the process of meeting the new state caregiver training requirement for 10 hours of training for a caregiver’s first year of working and 5 hours of annual caregiver training in core competencies and many states in the U.S.A. do require caregiver training. Online caregiver training is acceptable and enables caregivers to maintain certification training each year. View California caregiver training requirements and purchase online training.

Becoming a Certified Nursing Aide

Senior caregivers may consider becoming a Certified Nursing Aide, or C.N.A. (also sometimes called a Certified Nursing Assistant). Federal legislation mandates a minimum of 75 hours of training for an individual to be tested and officially receive “certification” as a nursing aide. States can pass additional legislation to require more than 75 hours.

C.N.A. training hours by state can be found on Caregiverlist and it seems many states require 120 hours of classroom training. Students also shadow a working C.N.A. at a licensed care facility for what is called “clinical training” as part of their nursing aide course education.

Nursing homes, hospitals and other care facilities must maintain a minimum number of C.N.A.’s on staff at all times in order to stay in compliance with their licensing. This is because nursing assistants really do provide the “hands-on care” and make the caregiving happen in the hospital, nursing home and rehab facility.

How do you become a certified nursing aide?

Find C.N.A. Schools in your area and request a complimentary admissions application (do not pay for these ever as you are the schools customer and the applications are free). Part of the admissions process includes financial aide assistance and sometimes employers will reimburse you for the tuition .

Do not over pay for your C.N.A. school tuition – request free C.N.A. school applications to shop around.

Research C.N.A. school costs in the Caregiverlist C.N.A. School Cost Directory and begin the next step in your professional caregiving career. Apply for a Caregiving job to place into action the skills you are learning while in C.N.A. school as companion caregiving requires a caring, dependable and trustworthy personality and the care company will provide you with basic training for each client.

Take a Sample C.N.A. Exam and explore online caregiver training as you prepare your caregiving career plan.